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I'm hoping to be teaching a Special Topics course this summer (2017-2018), and it might be on topics from Philosophy of the Cosmos. (Or it might be on philosophy of statistics, or something else - not sure yet - sorry.)

It'll be a 3000-level course, and I'm not sure yet (sorry) exactly who will be allowed to enrol in it. Possibly first-years won't be allowed (except for PhB first-years), although I hope they will. We'll see.

I'll put more information here as I get it.


Admin notes for myself:

"Students need to be given a project title,abstract, and assessment schedule. You need to assign marks to each task: assignments ( 40%?), seminar (30%?), written report (30%?). And students need to invest at least 120-130 hours (6 credit points) to this project."

Any more news about the Special Topics course?



No more news yet. Do you want to be in on it? That might be possible.


Would very much like that, if I meet the requirements!

I'm taking PHIL2012 Buddhist Philosophy, second semester. This means I''l have completed two 2000 level philosophy courses.


Yes, that sounds fine. I'm not sure yet that it'll be happening, but we'll keep in touch.


Thanks. Fingers crossed.