Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Quantum Mechanics And Classical Physics
Hey all.
I'm not really a physics guy so a lot of the quantum mechanics stuff is new to me… apart from watching What the Bleep do we Know hehe
In short, I was hoping someone could explain a bit about how they understand the relationship between quantum mechanics (say, the Transactional Interpretation) and classical physics.
(I've made this question intentionally broad)
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i think the sort of relationship you get between quantum mechanics and classical physics is that quantum mechanics is able to explain certain observations (on very small scales) that should be impossible if everything behaved according to classical physics. A good example would be the quantization of energy states you get when you put a particle into an infinite square well. Say you had an electron that was in an area of zero potential, but on either side of that area the potential was infinite or could be approximated as infinite. Basically the electron will be completely trapped in between these two barriers. Classically, the lowest amount of energy the electron could have would mean it was sitting at the bottom of the well (think a tennis ball inside an empty swimming pool). You could give the electron any amount of energy and it could take up any position within the well.. But quantum mechanically, the electron behaves like a wave and it turns out if you do all the maths that it can't be sitting at the bottom of the well. In fact it turns out it can only have certain definite levels of energy. The quantum mechanical version is what actually gets observed, rather than the classical alternative.
Of course, a tennis ball in a swimming pool does actually sit at the bottom. So classical physics takes over in this case, since the objects involved are large compared to something like an electron.
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I see. Thanks Reyner.

just saying my understanding in quantum mechanics since no one would ever look at this discussion again. And yes, i absolutely agree that it only applies to micro scaled objects. Apart from electrons, scientists found the some behaviors of light (photons) is hard to explain by classical physics (newtonian). I don't know if you have learned this before, but it started with Young's double slits experiment or the interference of the light. Imagine there are two slits insert in water, and as water wave passes it,