Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Lecture Options
The syllabus (Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Syllabus) for the science, maths and history parts of this course are pretty fixed, but the philosophy part is more open to requests.
Several people have asked me if we can have more on scientific methods. The answer is yes, but we'd have to get rid of something to make room. The things we'd get rid of are short sections on truth and reality, e.g. history of idealism (which is fascinating, but last year I don't think people found it very relevant). There will be a LITTLE bit more about scientific methods in any case, but not much more unless you vote for it.
Any votes? Vote by putting your name or "tick" or something.
a couple of people whose names I've forgotten
Jordan Montgomery U4847190 - How can you disregard something like the idea that the ultimate nature of reality is based on the mind or ideas, when we are studying cosmology? If you need more on scientific method, then take a practical science course!
Leonidas Breddermann U4693040
Ben u 4868271
Tokamak u 2541959
Agreed, Sam Vancea-Harrison U4671172
I think it's all interesting. On balance inclined to stick to the course as originally programmed. Philip Crisp u 1535525
I don't think the course _requires_ much scientific method. My understanding is that we are more being shown the history and current theories and exploring them from both scientific and philosophical viewpoints. This doesn't require much scientific method as such, and as is already mentioned, most other science courses will have it. Of course, my understanding may be completely wrong, as I haven't actually read the syllabus.
Nissa Cady, u 4840688.
The scientific method, or at least the individual lecturers understanding of the scientific method, is hammered into our brains in every science course we take. Honestly important, but hardly interesting. Bring Truth and Reality!
David M, u 4529069
David M, if you think that what you were taught in science classes is similar to what we teach in philosophy classes, you weren't listening to my second lecture (or you weren't there). One of the main points I made is that there's no such thing as THE scientific method.
Haha Jason. Anyway, the scientific method would be really interesting in a way. Even though I had been doing it all through my science studies I was still shocked when I found out that all scientists also do not follow THE method. Interesting to think we have the world fooled. The idea of idealism interesting too though, don't scrap it!
Because I laughed at Jason I'm hesitant to sign.
I agree, the initial lecture was really good for opening our minds to the way science really works, and the fact that its very different from how most people are lead to percieve science. furthermore i thought the assignment really drove the msg home. if we are already scheduled a bit more, i think that will be sufficiant and we shouln't take out any of the philosophy coz it all sounds really interesting. the thing i like abt this course is the balance, especially because i am doing a science degree and this course gives a really different, while still scientific perspective.
~Sharmila (u 4848798)
[[red OK, this vote had a pretty clear result, and so we're having more on reality … as you've probably noticed!
Jason ]]