Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Comments
Hi everyone,
I am still trying to make sense of the two slit experiment, and thought some open discussion would help!!
my first remark is about the single electrons… can we actually fire electrons individually? and in this sense, how do we visualise the single particle as a wave? or is the wave a probability function, and if so the probability of what? the position of the electron? [Yes, we can fire electrons individually. The wave is something like a probability wave: look at the Born equation to see exactly how it's used. The Born equation is very straightforward. Jason]
also i noticed sumthing the other day which i thought seems interestingly strange and related. I've often noticed the patterns that form on rock landscaping (i noticed this the other day on the white stones outside the Ba M Bi building at uni). There seems to be a distinct pattern that forms quite uniformly, just from people walking over the pebbles in all directions. Since the individual peoples paths are in no way related, i thought this was somewhat similar to the interference of the individual electrons. I'm not trying to make a point by this at all, i just thought it was interesting and wanted to see what others thought! [I think: cool! Jason]
on an unrelated topic, i read the hundred light year diary story and thought it was awesome! but there was one part that mentioned that the "history of the next millennium is now taught in schools". is this a mistake, because from what i understood they were only getting information from the next hundred years. did anyone else pick up on this? have i understood correctly or am i missing sumthing? [I can't be bothered to re-read it, but if I remember correctly they get more than a hundred years by bouncing signals back and forth. Someone please correct me if that's wrong. Jason]
eagerly awaiting ur thoughts!
~Sharmila (u 4848798)