Philosophy Of The Cosmos - The Multiverse
Red this story on the theory of a multiverse, essentially that our Universe is one of an infinite number of seperate bubble universes. This theory sounds near impossible to test due to the diconnectedness of each Universe, but the following article lists some ways in which the multiverse theory could be investigated.
Highly relavent to the course and a good read!
David Mc
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Yes, this kind of stuff is always really quite interesting. I love thinking of life (or indeed all experience) as unique to the observer - enabling a strong solipcistic perspective and thus enabling a sense of God and personal power. But I always get a sense in myself that the idea of infinitely many universes as being rather silly - I myself really find it quite hopelessly unlikely to think of us as being 'lucky' enough to land in an ordered and sensical one of these literally infinite universes; in hoping to be this lucky we tend to end up leaning towards 'anthropic principle'-style ideas.
Daniel (u 4587729)