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The recent lectures on alternate dimensions are fascinating and have launched me on a quest to more accurately understand them. Even with the knowledge that the Tesseract is the 3D shadow of a 4D object I cannot construct a mental image of what the object would look like. Does anyone know if it is possible for us to do? Also would the shadow of a 4D object be a transparent 3D image to an observer in the 4th Dimension?
Daniel u 4410989
Please correct me at any point when ever I am writing something rather untrue.
The 4th Dimension is time, and this is something that we cannot perceive as a whole but rather only as single fragments, which is the current present as understood and perceived within our minds. However, if you would see something 4 Dimensional you would see all its aspects in time as well, similar as we see Length, Depth and Hight in our 3 Dimensional perception. Thus you would see for instance of a living life form all its stages in time, past, present and possible future. And with this I am actually adding a question onto Daniel's. In the tute there was a helpful explanation by a girl (whose name seem to be hidden back in my head), who explained that we would see a person not only as in the here and now, but rather their whole life, including their early stages of life as well as their later stages of life. What strikes me with this was the fact that you would see their later stages of life. In this example, this would mean that we could see the future as well, if we would be able to perceive the world 4 Dimensional. Or I am totally of track?
Leonidas (U4693040)
Leonidas my friend, to say that that idea is awesome is an obscene understatement. But I think he is referring to 4 Spatial dimensions… I find a distinct block in properly imagining a 4-D (spatial) object myself. Maybe looking at the maths behind such a figure would make it feel a little more graspable as a concept. Just a thought.
Daniel (not the same as the one above) - u 4587729
Yes, so the 'Fourth Dimension' is identified as Time. An extra dimension of space is different. As I see it things like lower dimensional shadows of dimensions we can't see is really the best chance we have of imagining them… at this stage of evolution our brains aren't really capable of seeing these dimensions… otherwise they wouldn't be so mysterious! Very, very interesting stuff though…
Sam u 4671172
I've had an interestin idea about the fourth dimension as a spatial dimension rather than time. When we plot something with three variables (x, y, z) we get a plane. If we could graph something with four variables on a four dimensional plane - so an x-axis, a y-axis, a z-axis and a something-else-axis - would we get a three dimensional shape?
Keely :) u 4853937
Yes, the fourth dimension is time in relativity theory. And yes, Keely, if you keep one dimension constant and vary the other dimensions you get a 3D shape. This is called a "hyperplane".
On visualising dimensions, see Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Dimensions.
Random comment relating to the perception of the Tesseract , I once had a dream in which I saw a cube folding in on itself continuously without losing mass. It was only after describing this to someone else I discovered the tesseract concept. The folding of the cube in on itself represented the dynamic movement of the 4th dimension time.
Kate Brown u 4541088