Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Monkey God
Hi everyone,
This is a link to a problem called Monkey God in which you can generate your own universes, by choosing different values for four important constants.
I thought this might be interesting for when we talk about the anthropic principle and the 'fine-tuning' of our universe. From Monkey God you can see how fine-tuned our universe really is and if there are other possible universes that could still give rise to carbon-based life as we know it.
This program was invented by the physicist Victor Stenger and he has used it to argue that there are many other possible universes which could give rise to carbon-based life. Thus, the universe really isn't that 'fine-tuned.'
While it is obviously quite a simplistic model and other constants would need to be taken into account it's still interesting to have a go at. Also, the program assumes that other universes have the same laws of physics as our own which might not necessarily be the case.

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