Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Imagining The Tenth Dimension
This video, based on writings of the same name by Rob Bryanton, is a great way to understand how many currently view the structure of time and space. It touches on subjects such as quantum theories and time travel. I believe it will become increasingly relevant as we move on to look at multiple Universes and our understanding of the structure of our universe. It is a very accessible way to grasp this mind bending concept.
After watching this I put to you this question? What is the theoretical line between the infinite possibilities of one universe (taken as a point) and the infinite possibilities of a second universe (also taken as a point)?
Thanks, Tony. Yes, those topics will be very relevant to the course, although I haven't watched the vid yet myself so don't know whether I agree with everything in it.
Just a quibble: I think you mean universe, not Universe. Get this right to make sure you don't lose marks in the assessments!
Thanks Tony!
i watched the video and thought it was fantastic! i particularly liked the example of the mobius strip as i found it to be a really good geometric example of how space on a much greater scale might exist in dimensions that are imperceptible to us.
i didnt quite understand ur question tho. while my imagination was being stretched to its limit around abt the 6th dimension, i agreed with the concept of the higher dimension being an efficient passage to move between points in a lower dimension. while in 2-D space you can move from place to place without entering the 3rd dimension, maybe in the higher dimentions you can't. could that be what the line between the infinite-Universe-points is? the passage to travel between them? (Jason- i think i have used the right Universe here, plz let me know if u still disagree after watching the video).
Thanx again for posting the video :)

Hi All,
I like to think that we exist partially in at least 9 dimensions. That is, we experience them to a particular degree. I believe you call this kind of perspective amateur conjecture.
It seems to me that the first 9 dimensions, which are contained within the 10th dimension (as are all possibilities), could reflect the three fundamental aspects of our observable reality - space, time, and matter, each consisting of 3 vectors, or dimensions. It is useful to explain what I mean from the only perspective we know - that of a human being.
Space: In this model humans have a degree of freedom within the 3 spacial dimensions. That is, we can exert effort to traverse in any direction. Similar to a being of 2 dimensions, we can generally move easily only by the compass (North-South-East-West); Up and Down we are restricted in by the force of gravity and the solidity of our Earth. However, it is clearly possible that we may create ingenious flying devices and abhorrent mining equipment - thus exerting effort to traverse our third dimension. We use this cleverness to fly over oceans, or 'jump' over them - leaving sea level and magically appearing at that 2D level on another continent.
Time: We experience a seemingly constant rate of time; never stationary and very difficult to pinpoint. This is similar to a 1D being (picture the craft at the bottom of the screen in Space Invaders - able to move only left and right along a line) who experiences a constant rate of change in the second dimension (in this we must imagine the aggressive alien foes to be static, the heroic craft facing wave after wave due to the relative motion of the underlying 2D fabric rather than any propulsion). Like a treadmill, the starry carpet upon which our Space Defender is situated is unforgivingly in motion.
As we can exert effort to traverse the 3 Spacial dimensions, we cannot with our physical manifestations (bodies) affect this flow of Time, call it change or 4th Dimension. However, we may travel it in our minds, through the phenomena (better word?) of memory, foresight, and imagination.
The way the You Tube video expresses it, the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions act very like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd - line, angle and jump; though in timeline rather than spaceline. Our memories depict events that apparently occurred in a previous moment, our foresight can be incredible detailed in illuminating future occurrences, and our imagination is limited not by any reality, but by it's own… imagination. In our abstract comprehension of moments outside our experiential relationship with time, we may also exert some effort to mentally traverse any timeline. Our minds move in 4D (past + future), 5D (Hitler winning the war, me being born a lady) and 6D (imagine 2010 if Hitler won the war, imagine giving birth if I'd been born a lady - an instantaneous jump to an alternate set of events).
Matter: Here's where I'm not really sure. It is said that the 7th, 8th and 9th (they're all just names, really) operate in a similar fashion to Spacial lines, angles and jumps, but contain the possibility of a Universe governed by completely different sets of physical laws. Ones where gravity don't exist, where the strong nuclear force was not enough to pull them atoms together, as Michio Kaku says, 'where the entire cosmos is simply streaks of lightning electricity (notsic!).'
Our mental comprehension of these potentially unlivable universes is possible but extremely limited by our imagination. However, it is as apparent as the flowing nature of time that the laws of our universe do not change much. Perhaps they change over enormous amounts of time, but to our experience the effect is negated. Moreover, it appears that we have not invented a way, even conceptually, of exerting effort to then traverse these material dimensions and experience a universe with differing laws. In this respect, our bodies are stuck in our 3D space and our minds venture tentatively through tiny streams of 10D possibilities.
I like to think about these things and cannot wait for feedback. I also have no certainty or delusions, and welcome any comment to crash down these walls. Gulp. - joe
that was an awesome description, and while i liked the videos way of progressing from one dimension it was very comfortable to split the 9 up into the familiar three!
with matter, when you spoke of the physical laws acting differently in the last 3 dimensions, i made a link with the curled up mini dimensions. from what i have been able to gather, some have speculated that these tiny dimentions could exist everywhere. since they are smaller than even electrons, they could be inside, or in the spaces deep inside our matter. if this were the case, could this contribute to the reason why the physical laws at the quantum scale are so different from those on larger scales?
hoping that made some sense, very excited to read what everyone else thinks!
~sharmila (u 4848798)
[[blue Yup, good points.
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