Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Copernican Principle And The Future Of The Universe
One thing that struck me as Dayal was talking about the current believed fate of the Universe (with contiuing expansion) was the upholding of the Copernican Principle. If the Universe does continue to expand, it will suffer the 'Heat Death' but of course this will take a very, very long time and therefore our existance, and all life as far as we know, exists for a mere fraction of a nanosecond and this doesnt sound very special for us at all! But if the Universe contracts in on itself or stops accelerating, i believe it becomes special. Assuming it contracts in on itself, another Big Bang is formed that 'may' be identical to the previous one, thereby there is only ever one Universe. As for the non accelerating universe, everything stays as it is and no changes are made, to me, this seems like there is still going to be only one Universe. Surely for the Copernican Principle to hold, as it has so far, our Universe cannot be special?
Also an interesting side note regarding the Theological view, is even if we assume that the Universe was created 6000 years ago by a Higher Power for us (this is the Christian view accoring to Genesis), why then is the Universe doing anything at all?
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Good points.
I'm not sure whether it's a violation of the Copernican Principle if the whole Universe (note capital U) is special. After all, there's only one Universe by definition.
As for the view in Genesis, as we said in some of the early lectures we don't take that seriously at all. Some modern Christian theology is compatible with science. Taking Genesis literally isn't. Anyway, I like your way of making the point.