Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Causality And Determinism
It strikes me that there is a strong link between Huw prices argument that we cannot descriminate between initial and final conditions for the universe (or anything?) and determinism, the view that the universe's present state holds all the information for predicting the future and reconstructing the past. Both seem to fit well with the fundamental time-symmetric laws of physics. What does everyone else think about determinism? I thought that it recieved a blow when quantum mechanics was discovered(that is probably not the right word) to be indeterministic, at least some interpretations, it depends on which you like best i suppose.
I was going to to link determinism with causation but i cant remember how….
kathryn u 4845956

Huw Price's view is not meant to depend on determinism, but it does fit nicely with determinism. In particular, Price's view is easiest to understand if determinism is true.
You're right: some versions of QM are deterministic and some are indeterministic, and some people have tended to seize on the indeterministic versions as support for general indeterminism.