Philosophy Of The Cosmos - A Fourth Spatial Dimension
Okay this one is going to be long.
I studied wormholes quite a while ago so unfortunately my knowledge might not be up to scratch.
My understanding is that if we were to create a wormhole and then accelerate mouth A (for convention) whilst keeping mouth S stationary we would have created a means for time travel.
As things progress through time slower at higher speeds this would mean that post-acceleration mouth A may have aged 1 year whilst mouth S has aged 50. If one were to then enter mouth A they would appear at mouth S in a time frame 49 years later. Likewise if one were to enter mouth S they would appear at mouth A 49 years earlier. As I said, I'm not too confident on how these work but that's my understanding at the moment.
Now obviously we must have traveled through the fourth spacial dimension as that's the only way wormholes could exist.
However coming back to relativistic motion in three spatial dimensions an electron would be aging slower than say, an apple sitting in a tree in Cambridge. Likewise an object B moving at 5kph would be progressing through time slower than an object C moving at 100kph (even though the difference is incredibly small).
However object C would observe object B perfectly well. Object C wouldn't suddenly disappear as object B progresses through time slower. But shouldn't it?
Imagine a line on a piece of paper representing the timeline. Both objects are moving along this timeline (as they exist in a Universe with a time dimension). They start at point . Object C would move along the timeline at a rate of 1unit/"sec" and object B is moving at a rate along the timeline of 2units/sec. So even though both objects are in the same time frame at the origin (point ) as soon as they start to progress through time the objects are in different time frames. Ergo when object C is at point object B would be at point and neither object should be able to observe the other.
This final statement obviously does not apply to our Universe as we see objects every day moving faster and slower than us without fail. However couldn't this be evidence of a fourth spacial dimension?
When object C is at and object B is at there is an identical object C at point on the timeline. Likewise there is also an object B at point on the timeline when object C is at .
Now before I get onto this being evidence of a fourth dimension I'll bring up my other point. This is going to be very hard to convey. Lets look at the Universe externally. After the same amount of "time" object C is at point on the internal timeline and object B is at point .
So wouldn't this show a possibility of multiple (i.e., infinite) Universes? After all both objects are at different points in the time dimension but can still observe each other. They mustn't be observing the same thing that they observed at the origin (because that object is at a different point on the time dimension) so they must be observing an identical object, that exists in their time dimension. As two time dimensions can hardly coexist (?), wouldn't this show that there are an infinite amount of Universes all at a different point in the time dimension - an infinite amount because time is infinitely small?
Okay I'm sure that someone's going to disprove this all in a second, so I'll try to finish up my point but I'll be really interested to know where I went wrong.
Anyway lets now think about these Universes as a row of balloons. And lets combine this with that timeline we drew earlier. Universe (read: Balloon) I is at ; Universe J is at ; Universe K is at . Now as object C moves at a rate of 1unit/sec through this timeline, at time t=0 it exists in Universe I, then progresses to Universe J, K and so on.
As it can't pass transfer between Universes through the x, y or z spatial dimension might it not travel through spatial dimension w? I realise that you could come back and say that it exists in three spatial dimensions and the Universes stream through this location to create "time" which of course is another possible conclusion from my argument but it was just a thought to tag on with the possibility of wormhole travel existing through a fourth spatial dimension.
Note: After writing this I'm actually starting to consider the time dimensional-unique Universes streaming through the spatial dimensions as just as probably as matter moving through a fourth spatial dimension.
Another Edit: After further contemplation I no longer agree with the above note.
So yeah, I'm pretty sure my logic must be lacking somewhere but I'm rather intrigued to find out where as I've been thinking about this for a while.
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