Just brief notes about anything that's cropped up since I last had the chance to announce things in a lecture. More details in the lecture notes and/or elsewhere on this site.


2017-05-17 Also on Friday the 28th of May, I'll be leading a discussion on whether philosophy students should be forced to learn history of philosophy, at 3.30 pm, at P.J. O'Reilly's pub, in town.

2017-05-16 There will be a(n optional!) trip to the Wig and Pen pub on Friday the 28th of May at 5.30 pm.

2017-05-12 The take-home exam is available on Wattle now.

2017-03-31 Thanks to the Student Rep meeting: we'll add lectures that have less physics, and I've started putting tutorial topics on the web in advance (in the syllabus).

2017-03-31 Assignment 1 grades are out, on Wattle (except for people who had extensions: your grades will go up soon, probably later today).

2017-03-27 My boss says: "A Mathematics Student Rep meeting will be held this Thursday at lunch time. Could you please ask students in your class to contact their class reps (names and Emails should be on your course Wattle site) to let them know any issues they may have regarding the course and/or the lecturer(s). Positive feedback is also welcome! These issues will then be brought to the attention of the school and we will try to provide possible solutions or explanations."

2017-03-27 Assignment 1 marks and comments will be available on Wattle by Thursday evening at the latest.

2017-03-21 A public lecture on time travel: And I endorse the speaker!

2017-03-11 You should be able to see your marks for the multiple choice questions on Wattle. I can't test what you see on my own, so please let me know if it hasn't worked.

2017-03-07 The new tutorial (Wednesdays at noon) is in Moran G007.

2017-02-28 There's a new tutorial slot on Wednesdays at noon. Please watch the timetable page to find out where it will be — I probably won't know until the last minute. Signup for this is open straight away. If you move into this new tutorial from one of the others, please remember to delete yourself from the other tutorial. (Or does Wattle do that for you? I don't know!)

2017-02-28 The optional visit to Mount Stromlo Observatory will be on Tuesday next week (the 7th). Please bring cars to campus by 6.15 to arrive at Stromlo by 7 pm. Hopefully there will be enough passenger seats for anyone who doesn't have a car. John Dennis will be helping you get there: contact him on 0458 076 879 if you get stuck.