Communicating With Men If Youre A Man

To start with, the conversation should be about 95% silence. Give the impression that you don’t have to talk. Chatting is for the timid. You don’t need it. Convey the absolute minimum amount of information necessary, as an afterthought. “Just a trim, please,” you might say, for example. After five minutes of silence, he will perhaps respond with “shall I trim the sideburns?” and you can respond with something like “yes please.”

Give the conversation time to develop. This requires the utmost delicacy. Think “deer in headlights” more than “Nescafé ad”. With the proper timing, you should be hitting the conversational high points after a quarter of an hour, talking about male pattern baldness, how to attract the ladies, your computer science thesis — and the minutes will just fly by.


by Nicholas,